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An interdisciplinary marketplace & storefront for web3 gaming. Accessibility made easy. No wallet or blockchain knowledge needed.


Assist in the growth and scaling of high potential games by providing them with tools, insight, network, advice and resources.


Ensure development of quality games with broad utilities & enforcing player ownership by aligning the interests of gamers and developers.


We provide an exclusive metaverse ecosystem with gamified market mechanics, digital real estate & tools for games to build community experiences.

Game Dev. Platform

Building unique web3 and gaming experiences by merging interdisciplinary talents, developers & expertise across various media.

Empowering studios & developers with the tools to build experiences in the web3 space via our marketplace & launchpad platform.

Our Experience

Our experience in the gaming industry and the web3 space

400+ Games Built

More than 400 games released (Mobile, PS, X-Box, PC) incl. Angry Birds Epic

10 IDOs Closed

More than 10 IDO launches on various blockchains incl. 2 unicorns

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18 Studios Deep

17 veteran game development studios in Europes biggest developer family

50k Tracks

More than 50,000 musical releases published and released

Our Games

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Wolves Of Rome TCG

Status: Open Alpha Testing

Wolves of Rome is a trading card game about building your deck around legendary commanders and pitting them against other players in epic competitive battles.

On The Cardano Blockchain
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Skylancer: Battle For Horizon

Status: Development Complete

Prepare for the next installment in the Skylancer series, developed by Chimera Entertainment! Build & Raid strategy in a unique fantasy world: Conquer the skies with your floating fortress and fight other players in epic airship battles.

Blockchain Research Ongoing
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Orbital Shepherd

Status: Development Complete

Collect sheep around the galaxy and herd them back to safety. Explore the universe, play against others, and expand your planet base.

Blockchain Research Ongoing
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Midnight Force

Status: In Development

Four unlikely heroes return from the grave to battle evil megacorporations, ancient aliens, and a cabal of lizard people, hellbent on enslaving humanity. Fight the powers that be and join the Midnight Force!

On The Cardano Blockchain

Upcoming Games

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Citadel Legends

An open-world Action-RPG with a heavy focus on collecting and trading precious fate tokens to create unique hero class combinations!

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An epic sci-fi tactics game with collectible NFT miniatures. Assemble powerful mythological armies and send them into turn-based battles!

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Space King

“I’m not going there to die, I’m going to find out if I’m really alive.” Barrel roll into another dimension & fight off an invasion of aliens. Claim the title of Space King!